Artellia Monno

5 in 1 Wireless Charging | 35W | 7 Coils | Active Cooling

Elegantly Designed.
Expertly Engineered.
Monno was kickstarted by an idea of blending smart home technology into everyday household unobtrusively through design.
5 Devices. 
1 Charging Station.
Deliver power to 3 wireless charging enabled  devices, 2 smart devices via USB-A ports in one-go. Hassle Free.
Quality components and manufacturing processes are the fundamentals in the development of Artellia Monno Wireless Charger.
World's First Dual Fan-Cooling System
Monno's architecture revolves around its state-of-the-art fan-cooling system, allowing optimal heat dissipation at almost absolute silence.
With Great Power, Comes Great Coverage
Monno's integrated wireless charging module with 7 Coils ensures edge to edge coverage on its surface, enabling easy charging experience to our customers.
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