18W fast charging (Android) / 12W fast charging (iPhone) + Data Transfer 
Support iOS device data transfer and charging at the same time. The high-density braided cable is resistant to bending, protects the outside of the cable from scratches, and increases the life span of the charging cable.
Data Transfer
Transferring data between devices is crucial for productivity, especially when backing up our devices on a regular basis. Not all cables in the market can transfer data. Artellia cables provide high-speed data transfer via type-c while charging your devices.
18W Charging
Artellia cable is able to charge your devices and gadgets with up to 18W via type-c connectivity. It is compatible with most PD/GaN chargers available with a type-c port.
Type C to Type C 
Perfect for your PC / Laptop / Macbook / iPad Pro, allowing data transfer between these devices effortlessly when charging in the background. Its braided surface is scratch and tear-resistant, up for any challenge in various working environments. 
Type C to Lightning 
The best companion for all your Apple iOS devices, such as iPhone, AirPod, Apple TV remote etc. Providing data transfer between PC / Laptop / Mac and iOS (Lightning) devices. Keeping one as your everyday carry will be the smartest choice you made.
Type-C to Type-C : Android / Samsung / Huawei / OnePlus / Oppo / Xiaomi / Pixel / Apple iPad / Macbook Pro / Macbook / PC / Surface etc.
Type-C to Lightning: Apple iPhone / iPad / AirPod Pro / AirPod / AirPod Max / Apple TV Remote / MagSafe Battery Pack / iPod / MagSafe Charger etc.
Type-C to Lightning Braided Cable (1m)
Type-C to Lightning Braided Cable (1m)
Type-C to Type-C Braided Cable (1m)
Type-C to Type-C Braided Cable (1m)

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